Retirement First From age pension insurance

The changes affect almost every aspect of life here. The retirement age is raised, the insurance companies have to move to unisex rates and the banks must do faster transfers.


This is only a small preview of what awaits us 2012th retirement age is raised from 2012, the retirement age gradually increased. Within 18 years the statutory retirement age of 65 be raised to 67. Here, the pension will start by a month (two months later) shift each birth cohort. Who was born in 1947 reached, ie 65 years and one month, the retirement age.

The vintage 1948 can go from 65 years and two months in retirement. From the birth year of 1964, the new retirement age of 67 is by raising the retirement age not only the state pension is affected. It also applies to publicly-funded private pensions as Riester – and Rüruprente. From 2012, the earliest payment date must reconnect with contracts of 62 His age. This is also in private life insurance companies of the case. This accounted for withdrawals before age 62 Age allowances and tax benefits.

The age limit between large and small widow’s pension will be raised gradually from 2012. The new rule affects deaths from January 2012. From 2012 to 2029 the limit is raised from 45 to 47 years. Riester, Rürup and pension are in the private pensions, there are other changes. Riester savers must pay a base amount of 60 € in the pension contract. This applies to all Riester savers. This means that eliminates the zero contracts. Here a Riester savers provided no separate power-saving, but got the full benefits, because the partners had also completed a Riester contract. Moreover, the additional payment options in the absence of contributions to the beginning of the payment period be extended. Rüruprente In 2012, the percentage of contributions that are tax deductible. It grows from 72 percent to 74 percent.

The promotion is valid for a maximum of 20,000 € on contributions paid in the year for singles. Of this amount may Unmarried savers in 2012 make up to 14 800 € claimed as special expenses. as an annual payment limit for occupational retirement provision applies: may deposit up to 2688 € per year employee, without that money is taxed. Insurance The guaranteed minimum interest rate (also known as guaranteed interest rate known ) for newly completed private life and pensions fell from 2.25 percent to 1.75 percent. This also relates to Riester and Rürup policies. In addition, insurance companies implement before the end of 2012, the European regime for the unisex rates. This means that men and women pay the same contributions. For men, this may mean an increase in contributions to private pension and health insurance. Women are more likely to pay for car insurance. social security: health insurance, pension and unemployment nationwide, the income threshold for the statutory health and long-term care increases from € 3712.50 per month to € 3825 (annual income of € 45 900).

The income of € 3825 is not computed in the calculation of health insurance contributions. The compulsory insurance limit for 2012 is € 4237.50 per month (previously: 4,125 €). For annual income means an increase from 49 500 to 50 850 €. Those earning more may be on a private health insurance. The income threshold for statutory pension and unemployment remains unchanged in the new federal states. In the old federal states it rises from 5,500 € to 5,600 €. The contribution rate for the statutory pension insurance is federally from 19.9 percent to 19.6 percent. health insurance companies and doctors from 1 January is the law of supply structure.

This means that the insured must be notified eight weeks before the closure of an impending closure of their office. The Act also brings other changes to the doctors and health insurers. Sun may offer its members new public health insurance benefits. The new fee schedule for dentists is from 2012. The cost of dentures for statutory and private health insurance are expected to rise.