Palm oil will be certified by Bureau Veritas Certification

RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) recognizes the work of Bureau Veritas Certification and can certify the sustainability • from 2011 palm oil, Spain boasts seven organisations belonging to this organization, RSPO, headquartered in Switzerland Madrid – Bureau Veritas Certification has been recognized by RSPO as the body may certify to the palm oil-producing companies around the world or that use this oil for the production of their products… RSPO is the Organization nonprofit that operates throughout the world by promoting the development of this industry in a sustainable manner.

Bureau Veritas Certification technician from now companies that use Palm oil in its production. No doubt its extensive experience in sectors of agri-food and biofuels has contributed to his appointment.

Palm oil

For its part, RSPO since 2004 – moment of its foundation – has been working to promote sustainable growth and sustainable use of oil palm through credible global standards, which will now be easier thanks to Bureau Veritas Certification.

Despite some voices who believe in a manner contrary to the consumption of this product, the production of palm oil provides advantages such as the efficiency of its oil or the less need for land to cultivate it. These and other benefits have been that since 1990, has increased the surface of his plantation by 43 per cent; reaching 40 million tonnes produced last 2009, what encumbraba the palm oil as the main oil crop.

About Bureau Veritas:
Bureau Veritas Certification is the certification body of Bureau Veritas is an international company specialized in the verification of compliance, inspection, analysis, auditing and certification of products, infrastructures (buildings, industrial facilities, equipment, ships, etc.) and according to regulatory or voluntary frameworks (ISO standards, etc.) management systems. Bureau Veritas is classified as the second largest group in conformity assessment and certification services in the fields of quality, safety and hygiene, environment and social responsibility (Quality, Health and Safety, Environment, and Social responsibility, cited as \”QHSE\” “) and global leader in QHSE services. It is recognized and accredited by major national and international organizations.
Bureau Veritas is present in 140 countries through a network of 1,300 offices and laboratories. There are more than 48,000 employees and a customer base that exceeds the 400,000.