How do you get paid to click

You can earn money by clicking on ads and visiting the sites. Most of them limit the number of listings on which you can click daily and paid a penny or less each, so you need to join multiple sites and organize your expectations about how much you can win. To get paid to click, sign up for a specialized site, click ads listings and visit them for a period of time, usually 30 seconds.

paid to click


Select a site to click and make a new account on the website by clicking on the link to sign in or register. Confirm your email after giving your registration information, register for the site and click on “Yes” to your browser from saving your username and password for your site. Navigate to the page that contains the ads to choose. Add this page to bookmarks.

Repeat this process and sign up for as many sites as you wish of the 400 you’ll find by searching Google “click and view” (click and see).

Opens a new browser window. Click the marker of the first site and click on the button ” Login “or similar, your browser after fill the user name and password. Click the first announcement of the list of available ads.

Open a new tab in your browser during the announcement of the first site is loaded. Click on the following site marker, expected to complete the information your browser to enter and click on the button ” Login “or similar. Click the first announcement of the list available.

Repeat the process of opening a new tab and load the following sites and ads, until you have opened a tab for each site on which you have registered.

Click on the first tab and confirm that you have given credit or performs additional verification step, such as clicking on an image to match that shown. Click the following announcement on the list.

Repeat the process of confirming your credit, move to the next tab and clicking on the following announcement, until you have clicked on every ad available at each site. Do this process once a day.

Withdraw the money you have paid for site by clicking on the appropriate link once you have earned the minimum amount to withdraw, for example, U.S. $ 10. Wait as long as possible before withdrawing the money, to minimize the cost of processing fees, which hover between U.S. $ 1 and U.S. $ 5.