How to start your own business step by step

Whether you succeed not get a job, you’ve finally convinced of the advantages of having a business compared to a job, or have a revolutionary concept that could change the world. Whatever the reason you have to start your own business, the following guide will show you step by step how to do it.

You can use this guide as you see fit; however, to get more out of it, we recommend that you first read it all the way through, from step # 1 through # 20 step, and then you go reading more carefully each step as you go applying .

own business

As for the order of steps, it is set such that the steps are easy to follow; however, is only for reference, may be the case that you have to change it (make the No. 10 step before eg No. 9), depending on your circumstances, but also on your preferences.

Also, each step is summarized so that the guide can be easily read. For more information about a particular step, you can visit the various links you’ll find in each of them, which will lead to articles where you will find more information about it.

Without further ado, we invite you to read our guide to starting your own business:

1. Find a business idea

If you already have your business idea, that is, you know what business you’re going to be , you can go to the next step, but if you do not already know, the first step in starting a business is to find a business idea .

Some ways to find a business idea that you can use are:

  • is an unmet need in the consumer, and then think of a product or service that you could satisfy her.
  • think of a product or service that others do not offer, and because of its novelty and innovation, you could create a new need for consumers.
  • identifies a product or service that others offer, but you could add something that differentiates you from them or do better.
  • go to business directories or sites dedicated to entrepreneurs in the Internet where you can get ideas that help you inspiration.

But whatever the case, it is advisable to choose a related to what you consider your business passion , because only then you’ll have enough motivation to pull it off despite all the difficulties that can be found in the i walk.

2. Evaluate whether the idea could succeed

Before going further it is recommended to perform a small and informal market research that allows you to see if your idea could be successful , ie that allows you to have a preliminary idea of the feasibility of your business.

To do this, you could visit the places where similar products or services you plan to provide are offered, and analyze if there is sufficient demand for them, or see how many similar businesses that you think gets there, and analyze how competitive they are.

You could also choose to ask your friends and family your opinion about your idea, or a rapid assessment of the resources and expertise would need to implement, and analyze if you have them or are in a position to acquire.