Reviewing incoming and outgoing text online

Most wireless service providers offer online services to access your wireless subscription. These services include viewing and paying your account, changing your plan and display characteristics and use of voice and data. To register online through the website of your provider, you will need your wireless number, the use of some code to the privacy of your account and choosing a password online. After logging in, you will gain access to information about your account and you will see the different online features, including the option to display the data on text messages incoming and outgoing.

outgoing text online




Sign in to your wireless account online. For most providers are required to enter your wireless number and password. Most bills will list all wireless numbers associated with that account, usually listed as users.



Choose the number from which want display the history of text messages. According to the supplier, you can see the numbers either by selecting them from a drop down list or by clicking on the options “Show All” or “Users”.




Scrolls back to place you in the “Usage Data” option for that specific number. Under this option, you can select different time cycles based on current or past billing. Select the appropriate cycle and click on “Use of Data”.



Displays data usage. Depending on the provider, your data will be divided into texts incoming and outgoing multimedia messages incoming and outgoing Internet and using or be divided into text and multimedia messages in one section and the data is in another.