The importance of knowing our product before negotiate prices

In a competitive market in which we now live, where there are an infinite number of products and services for all tastes and fill from the most basic need up to the more complex; becomes much more common to find us with the subject “price”. Either from the point of view sales representative, who becomes a common theme of objection by its clients when it comes to close negotiations, even when we become consumers. And it is that I will not stop lying that until that person had no ease or negotiation ability the has developed, everything just to take care of the budget.

The current reality leads us to recognize that each day there are less those consumers that do not generate a mental or unconscious buying process, but rather we have a much more informed consumer and knowledgeable of the market and the products it offers, even many times we find consumers more knowledgeable of the product to own sales representative.

Red Chips

According to the basic concepts of marketing, price is referred to as an element of the Marketing Mix (price, product, place and promotion) and the fundamental characteristic of being the only variable of the above 4 can be controlled and is the one that affects directly to earnings of an organization.

The word control defines exactly the delicacy of the issue price, that the perspective companies have the power to make changes to the monetary value of our products and this often is misused by the sales representative that has to meet a goal or that organization which seeks to counter the competition based on low price strategy.

It is under these circumstances that the knowledge of our product is extremely important because only when we come to know deeply the service or product that we are offering you is we can give real value to it.

To achieve the knowledge of what you sell, it is important to define:

-The characteristics of the product or service: separate and distinguish the attributes that will give value to what you sell and provide ways to offer additional benefits to the customer.

-Know the benefits of the product, meaning that is everything that makes us win clients through specific characteristics in terms of meeting their needs. For example save or make money, get a better service, increase their production, improve your security, save time, etc.

– and as a last point and such that I consider most important is use the product: can’t talk about benefits, characteristics or even negotiate with the customer if we have never used our product.

When using the offered product we know firsthand all aspects referred to above, and not only give arguments of sale because they have commented us or because they are in some sales guide, if not because we know exactly that it serves and in the long run this will generate knowledge specific market goal where we want to arrive and will be reflected in the end in greater profitability of the company.