Organizing Your Office

Keeping an office organized and tidy can be a daunting task, especially when your office has a lot of paperwork to fill out, file and send out to other offices. If you want to get your office in shape, here are some tips you can use make sure everything has its place.

Keeping Track with Accuracy

If your office works with bids, contracts, invoices or other materials that can bee time sensitive, it is important to have an accurate system for marking the date and time on each piece of paper. For that, you can invest in a time and date stamp machine that will help you imprint pages with the date and time all day long. This tool provides accuracy, versatility and consistency to all of your paperwork.


Creating a Coding System

Along with accurate times and dates on each document, you office will also need a system you can use to file things in like groups without losing vital information. Often, color coding systems are used to help with this task, though you can also come up with your own coding system such as location of the file, a numerical system or whatever works best for you and your coworkers. Once the system is set up, you should have an information sheet for any temporary or newly hired personnel so that they can follow the system as well.

Going Digital

While not every piece of paper in your office can go digital, many of your older invoices, bids and contracts can be stored digitally to save space. The key to finding the right paperwork to go into this digital format is to establish rules on when papers are converted and where you can store the digitized papers outside of the office. Often, papers are made into digital copies when the client is no longer working with the company or after a set number of years where the paper copies won’t need to be accessed quickly if requested.

Getting an office in order doesn’t have to take a lot of fancy equipment or a complete digital overhaul of your filing system. If you have the right tools and a good system that works for you, you will be able to have a very efficient front office.