USM organizes seminar on use of tools for construction project management

With the participation of prominent academics and experts, in the event it goes to the use and the application of technologies in small and medium-scale projects. The management of technical assistance from the Universidad Santa Maria held the first seminar on use of tools for management of projects of construction, which will take place on days 27 and 28 of this month.

This seminar, practical, is intended to introduce participants to BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology to the design and development of projects of small and medium-sized enterprises, acquiring knowledge according to the current requirements of the market. It is aimed at professionals and specialists in the area of construction, architects, builders, engineers, designers and illustrators.

organizes seminar

BIM technology

Due to the increase in the use of the information technologies in recent decades and the growing demand for highly complex infrastructures, has emerged the need and interest for the development of projects on digital platforms. Thus is born the BIM concept: Building Information Modelling, consisting in the computational modeling of a building in all its dimensions (architecture, structures and facilities) in a single digital model. This technology has benefits such as the integrated and intelligent display of all disciplines prior to the process of construction, the early detection of errors and, therefore, substantial cost savings in the end.

The seminar on use of tools for management of projects of construction, aims to identify the relevance of the system BIM as a project management tool, understand the scope and methodology of creation and management of BIM models associated with architectural design and create architectural projects of small and medium scale BIM models. In addition, it seeks to generate documentation for the presentation of a project, such as technical documents, render, tables of cubage and costs, along with managing a project documentation integrated in a single BIM model.

Some of the exhibitors will be the Master of engineering, Marti Broquetas González, Professor of the Department of civil engineering of the USM, Sergio Carmona, and the SEREMI of the Ministry of public works, Pedro Sariego.