Organization of accounting

The organization of accounting of your business is an important step, not only because it lets you know how much tax you have to pay, but also because it will allow you to analyze the financial situation of your business, and thus make better decisions.

The organization of accounting includes the preparation of accounting records and financial statements (the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow), but also the preparation of projected financial statements.

organization of accounting

At this point it is recommended that you hire an accountant who visit you regularly without having to be permanently in your business, and also to help keep records and file your taxes, help you with financial planning for your business.

Organization of marketing

Another important step you must perform is the organization of marketing your business, both of which lets you create anticipation for the opening of your business, and the you will use to get your first customers.

As for the marketing of opening , this could include the placement of billboards and posters on the facade of your business premises or the distribution of flyers announcing the early opening of your business, and sending invitations for the inauguration.

While regarding the marketing necessary to get your first customers , this could include poster printing, posters, brochures, flyers and business cards, creating the website of your business, and publishing your ad on pages Yellow.

Opening or opening

Finally, after a long process of planning and execution, and overcoming several problems, difficulties and unforeseen comes the awaited day of the opening or opening your business.

On this day you must coordinate well with your personal functions or tasks to be performed, ensure the good performance of it, and correct all errors that both your workers like you probably commit on this first day of operations.

And then, strive every day to grow your business , ensure you maintain the quality of your product or service and always strive to provide excellent customer service that not only make your customers return you to buy or visit, but also that I recommend.