secretariaplus becomes The new site has more features, sections and interactivity with the users the professional online community of Secretaries, secretariaplus, renews and happens to be called secretary-plus. The released community has new sections, features and a new renovated image and commensurate with its new line of services. One of the main objectives of the change is to increase interactivity and participation of users, already reaching the 105,000.

The professional online community of Secretaries came 12 years ago and is the only one in Spain which is aimed at professionals in the sector. In 2007, it was acquired by the Dutch multinational of USG People HR and this has allowed to grow and provide other specific services relating to the professional profile of the assistants and Secretaries of address. Today, the site is renewed and changed his image. offers new sections to its users and more interactivity, with the objective of helping them to grow professionally. The channels of employment and training are the cornerstones of the website but in this new stage assume much importance the professional content as support tools to develop competencies and secretarial techniques more effectively and make a little easier every day of the attendees from address.

online community of secretariats

In this line, web users will find the only professional magazine of the sector, a section of legal, computer tricks and Protocol among others, model documents and other content of interest, in addition to sections where you can share ideas, ask for help in your day to day, or sharing experiences with the rest of associates. thus provides a resources, sectoral, and collaborative environment for the secretariats, a forgotten profession and, many times, surrounded by topics. “Our motto has been always ensure the information of interest to users, providing them with the necessary tools for your profession and guaranteeing them the appropriate training for current demand levels,” says Yolanda Álvarez, partner founder and current General Manager of secretary-plus. Previously, the training addressed to the secretariats was limited to courses file, business correspondence, etc. Now with a changing business environment and continuous professional demand community offers through its training division specific courses and masters of expertise commensurate with new features that these professionals exercise.

About Secretary Plus

Secretary Plus is a consulting firm specializing in RR.HH. for profiles of management Secretaries, Personal Assistant and any profile support executives, middle managers and departments staff. Secretary Plus has the only professional community for secretaries that there is in Spain . The community has more than 105,000 registered Secretaries and more than 63,000 pages views per month.