One Major Cyber Security Threat: Your Employees

Businesses of all sizes face a large and growing threat of cyber security. You may suspect that cyber criminals prefer targeting high-profile political parties or multinational corporations — victims with deep pockets and a wealth of sensitive data — but actually more low key targets appeal to them, because they don’t invest as much money and time into guarding their cyber security.

It’s estimated that as many as sixty percent of small businesses that get targeted by cyber criminals close down within six months, while large multinational corporations that fall victim to data breaches suffer devastating consequences to their finances, operations and reputation.

Common responses to these threats include investing more in IT security, encouraging employees to create sophisticated and varied passwords to their work computers, and other similar practices. But taking your employees on a deep-dive into cyber security can really do a lot to keep your company protected.

Educating Your Frontline Workers

When searching for cyber security vulnerabilities in your company, hackers will often try to exploit the weakness of your frontline workers — they don’t have to be double agents bent on compromising your business from the inside to do damage.

Threats as basic as phishing spam can provide the opening cyber criminals need to install spyware in your network that quietly harvests passwords and other confidential information. This threat to the entire system exists even if they’re checking their personal email, so long as they’re on a company-issued device. Training your employees to recognize and avoid these threats is a major part of keeping your company safe from a wide range of cyber attacks.

Encryption Technology, the Stalwart Defender

No matter how well trained your employees are in safe IT practices, one slip up at the wrong time can be enough to compromise the system. You need to protect your Android phone from hackers by choosing a provider which supplies end-to-end encryption technology which ensures there are no weak points in your company’s cyber security that can be exploited.

Industry leaders in cyber security offer encrypted smartphones designed to use unbreakable encryption protocols which protect all messages sent and received. Only devices using the same encryption protocol can message each other, which allows cyber criminals no access point into your system.

The highest levels of security offer two layers of encryption: Elliptical Curve Cryptography for messaging with devices on the same platform, and standard PGP encryption so you can communicate securely with users of that common encryption. Features like auto-delete add an additional layer of safety. Importantly, all information is stored on the phone itself rather than on an external server, meaning it’s impossible to access the information stored on the phone unless you have the password.

Good encryption requires making an upfront investment, but it is well worth the price; all it takes is one careless employee for ransomware to devastate your entire system. Before your business operations are interrupted or halted, or your finances drained, guard yourself with proper end-to-end encryption today.