Know occupational diseases to which they are exposed

Carlos Gomez, professor of Risk Prevention Headquarters del Mar Viña Santa María University, explains what are the most common diseases that can affect workers. Spend over 8 daily work entails a number of diseases that many workers sometimes unknown. It is for this reason that Carlos Gomez, professor of Risk Prevention Headquarters del Mar Viña Santa María University explains what are the most common illnesses to which people are exposed.

Statistics and studies conducted in the past 5 years indicate in decreasing order most frequent diseases are musculoskeletal diseases; laringopatías, dermatitis, mental health and hearing loss.

occupational diseases

Regarding the reasons that generate these diseases, the teacher states that “each is associated with different activities, but is a trend that continues with a slight variation. In general the reasons are different, but what is common is the lack of information and importance attached, at all levels, because they have chronic effects, manifesting after a considerable period of exposure to the agent or professional practice or trade. We must make a distinction between the frequency that the presence of these diseases, with severity. No doubt silicosis, hearing loss and musculoskeletal injuries are the most important, “says Carlos Gomez.

Asked if there is awareness within organizations on this important subject, the teacher is clear in stating that “in some leading companies in these issues there awareness and interest, but in others with less resources, eg micro, small and medium are more concerned to survive as an organization to invest in these issues, which is to some extent justified, “says the professional, who also adds that” so this is very important and timely real support of respective mutual, with qualitative and quantitative assessments of processes and jobs. ”

In terms of prevention of these diseases, the expert from Headquarters Vina del Mar from USM, explains that “prevention can be done in several fronts, but each case is different, this can be summarized as: training of workers, including supervisors and senior, investment in technology in the enterprise training on Occupational Health Committees Parity, exchange of technologies and successful experiences in other companies in preventing accidents and occupational diseases; hiring expert consultants in occupational hygiene and ergonomics; knowledge and updating legislation on such matters, “says Carlos Gomez.

regard to previous years, the Professor Gomez states that it has been moving in this problem, however there are still instances where participation of awareness of this important topic. “We must establish better standards, but the main thing is do them, not only a legal requirement for fear of fines or closure of the company, but by an ethical commitment, and value those who run the organizations. It should be at the height of time for workers to feel engaged, valued and proud of their company. There are successful companies with disgruntled workers, but on the contrary, workers motivated in market-leading companies, “concludes the teacher.