New Year’s resolutions for business

This is the time of year when many people make resolutions – lose a few pounds, quit smoking, learn a new language – but the new year is also the perfect time to assess the progress of your company during the last year and plan for the future. Here are three things you can do to plan and set goals for the new year and every year.

resolutions for business

1) Put your business plan update
Update your business plan gives you the opportunity to see where your business and helps you develop a strategy for growth. It is important to review your plan regularly and update it to include new goals or changes in the market. Allow yourself flexibility to expand and be flexible as your business grows and it changes according to fluctuations in your target market. To learn more about business planning, you can refer to Section Corporate Planning of our website.

2) Create / Update a succession plan
Creating a succession plan is one of the most important things you can do for the life of your business. The succession plan can help provide financial security for your family and your partners, ensures continuity of service to your customers and promotes a smooth transition of business, when you are ready to sell. For more information on creating a succession plan, you can refer to the section Guide of planning on our website.

3) Make sure your business is accessible
In 2012, Ontario contractor will be required to ensure that their business is accessible to persons with disabilities. This is one of the major changes that affect businesses. By “accessibility” means more than just physical location of your business. Indeed, you must also ensure that your website and your staff are friendly towards customers and employees with disabilities. To learn more about accessibility and your company, please visit ON provides access .

One of the key elements of running a business is to be prepared for the future and to make room for changes in the way you do business. Visit the Canada Business Web site to learn more about planning business, the expansion and the accessibility .