On 17 may at 9.30 h at Gran Hotel Havana Barcelona will take place the second edition of the event Meeting Point based on the approach of SMEs and micro to the scenario of the new tools offered by ICT in the field of Internet, sponsored by ONO and the portal specialized in SaaS Pymecrunch.com great professional and experts of new technologies will meet on 17 may in Barcelona Meeting Point and they will be available to attendees via workshops, round tables, forums and networking. The goal is that both SMEs and self-employed, can use this meeting point to solve your doubts and know clearly the resources at their disposal.

Meeting Point carries out its action through a series of training events and meeting between professionals, with a continuous follow-up online through her blogmeetingpointblog.es, your account on Twitter (@ meetingpoint_es) and his Facebook page.

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The last day of April 26, took place the first of the events of this edition of Meeting Point, focused on the E-commerce sector. The next matches that will take place in the months of May and June will be:

-Smart cities: May 17. Barcelona.
-SMEs in social networks: May 29. Madrid.
-SaaS Apps and services sales in new platforms: June 19. Madrid.

The dynamics of events is based on four-stroke. Firstly, offered two simultaneous workshops on the theme of the event, giving attendees option to enroll in which more closer to their needs or preferences. Later, takes place a round table bringing together a number of experts in the sector, and in which creates an open debate with the participation of the public.

After the round table, held a forum of startups that presented several projects to a jury of the technology sector investors involved with your questions and suggestions, and from which emerges a winner with the resulting votes the jury both users showing their support for each project through social networks. And finally, it produces a time of networking and interaction between attendees and speakers, during the cocktail that puts the final touch to the event.

ONO with SMEs
ONO is the company of communication and entertainment by fiber optic leader Spain. Offers in an integrated manner, telephone, television and Internet services to their customers. In this segment, it has 4.4 million of contracted services (RGUs) and more than seven million users. In addition, ONO also offers telecommunications services of added value to SMEs, large companies and institutions. ONO has the largest network of fiber-optic generation available in Spain. ONO closed the year 2011 with €1,485 million of total income and €748 million of operating profit (EBITDA).

Pym crunch, seas for SMEs
Pymecrunch.com, reference blog on technology for SMEs, and portal with complete information about the options that the SMEs can be currently found to bring their services and management to the cloud. SaaS or Software as a Service, presents an alternative efficient and more complete so that companies can have a management and the use of new tools that make them become more competitive.