The expertise of R & D/Leverage helps an entrepreneur launch a new revolutionary concept of emb

Stacked California wines are an success on the market, thanks to the innovative design of its packaging and specialized tools applied by the team of R & D/Leverage. LEE’s SUMMIT, Missouri. Technical and specific experience in R & D/Leverage drinks a visionary entrepreneur helped to successfully launch its product of the type “why not I think this before” in just a few a few months, he broke with the limitations of the usual wine packing and achieved a position for the company in national distribution.

Stacked Wine LLC was conceived by co-founder and creator of the Matt Zimmer company, looking for a comfortable, elegant solution and recyclable packaging for casual consumption, either at the gate or in the back yard.

new revolutionary concept

He partnered with two colleagues at the University of California-Irvine MBA students to develop a product that delivers quality in flavor, simple style and especially ultra comfort.

What the team thought and outlined, was a practical and easy way to store packages of four glasses for wine Stemless, than stacked vertically are the equivalent of a full 750 ml wine bottle. Each individual portion, presents the appearance of a real wine glass and shows the durability of plastic.

An aluminum seal to preserve the freshness of the wine within each individual serving and sheath conveys messages of the brand and information on the consumption of the product.

Format compact and stacked, Zimmer thought it motivate correctly and was called to the retailers to use the exhibition space that would carry 30 percent more for each truck.

“The company R & D/Leverage was highly recommended by a source of industry”. Zimmer said: \”Necesitábamos experience in the form of commercialize our vision. And with many releases in our industry, the time was essential, since we should compete against standards of bottled wines and wines in carton, which are becoming increasingly popular.”

“As a beginner with limited capital and a new concept that we needed to enter to quickly produce and have perfectly design and tools – from the first \”, said Zimmer. \”R & d / Leverage proved to be a great partner to work and showed it in all aspectos\”. ”

According to Jeff Beason, project engineer of R & D / Leverage, his team adjusted the initial sketches of the customer’s products and proposed a design to manufacture with locking function, joint that was key for consumers and greater business functionality.

The design was completed and approved in just three weeks. \”Nuestra design assessment was conducted at the beginning of April 2011 and they gave us an approved design of abril\ 22, it said.

Critical to the success of the design of stacking; It was the creation of a feature of joint closure, you need precise carvings. \”Fue a challenge, and what we do rapidamente\, said Beason. Tool unit was built at the beginning of June, with a final sample delivered three months later, in late August. The production tool was sent on 10 November.

\”La wine industry is gravitating towards solutions of alternative packaging, with the acceptance of plastic bags, aseptic packages, cans, screw caps and much more.

Sometimes the precise consumer wants only a glass of wine without opening a whole bottle”commented Stacked Wines of Zimmer. \”Gracias to the technical support of R & D / Leverage, commercialize an appealing concept both for consumers and from the commercial point of view. Regional sales volumes have validated our vision. As a result, we will continue to expand distribution and, over time, turn it into a national brand”said Zimmer.

R & D / Leverage USA, based in Missouri, provides services to the industries food, beverage, personal care and health sector. It is the only company that offers both the development of structural tags and mold manufacturing capabilities. The structural capabilities of brand development are the initial research, such as audits to retailers, which include trends and study of color, ethnographic research, with consumer focus groups, development of concepts, validation, and implementation. Mold manufacturing capabilities include: mold tooling manufacture complete for PET, tools IBM, injection molds, as well as the development of uniform tools, testing, validation, and training.

R & D / Leverage Europe, is regarded as one of the leading suppliers in the world of tools from a single stage, bottles and jars in PET supplies. Services include evaluation of the product, design tools, manufacturing of tools, support and technical service. The company also has in place injection-blow molding (ISBM) molding machines, of which the company offers pilot tools, materials testing, testing of color and the qualification of the production tool.

Combined, R & D / Leverage Global provides services to clients in 32 countries, is the first and only company that provides this wide range of packaging solutions.