The consultants network, Contygo forms to entrepreneurs that they tutelen others which are released into the adventure of undertaking undertaking mentoring other entrepreneurs. Under this premise working the Contygo network, the company of consultancy and business guardianship which collaborates in the growth of SMEs, self-employed and entrepreneurs, bringing knowledge in business management that until now was only available to large enterprises.

Services that offers Contygo to entrepreneurs, SMEs and self-employed through its consultants network are based on the analysis of the financial statements of the business or project, and are a clear evolution of the service of tax accounting, already are the basis on which take decisions to grow in an optimal and sustainable manner.

Network Contygo

Thus, Contygo Consultant analyzes and studies together with your client your business, and proposes solutions for accounting, financial, strategic or of systems, ranging from creating a page we so far as to renegotiate the contract format with suppliers, to foster alliances with other companies or entering new markets to expand the customer base. To do so, the consultant involves experts from Contygo, which delve into these ideas, shaping them and specifying its results every month, mentoring and accompanying every step, every change in every opportunity.

The network of consultants of Contygo creates a space for cooperation between entrepreneurs that provides, on the one hand, the possibility of starting a new professional path to those who join the network to offer consulting services, and on the other, provides an opportunity for SMEs, self-employed and entrepreneurs have the best tools of business consulting their professional and business projects to succeed.

The Contygo network offers its consultants autonomy and flexibility at work thanks to its platform for web communication and continuous training from your e-learning platform. All this with a public atmosphere of Social Network and an automatic environment of process management. The consultants are supported by a unique technology of last generation that makes companies grow best way, accessible and competitive prices, and a few core services that allow industrialize all processes and administrative tasks (completion of financial statements and reporting tax liabilities) that Advisor to devote his time to offer customer support and mentoring in the decision-making process and in the growth of your business.

Contygo guarantees its network consultants service very scalable revenues, remuneration according to results as well as fixed monthly income for each of their clients. So will insure a great personal and professional satisfaction and low risk investment because of Contygo consultants help other entrepreneurs to consolidate, consolidate and grow.

Network Contygo

But, above all, is the guarantee of having the support of a brand like Contygo and its large network of support. According to Carlos Tapiador, founder of, “the working model of this network of consultants encourages synergies and a multiplier effect for entrepreneurs, helping to boost entrepreneurship among consultants, and these, in turn, support and protects others who want to do so.”

Contygo network consultants are supported by experts in the different areas of consultancy and in different areas such as marketing, strategy, finance and business development, among others, so that they can implement necessary at each time management and business development projects.

These expert services complement and reinforce the basic service Contygo provides its consultants on a continuous basis: initial training course through its e-learning platform; information and permanent consultancy tailored to the needs of each consultant; technology of last generation and the support of the central services; exclusivity within its area, including the possibility of having an initial portfolio of clients.