Naming your business

It is important to choose the name of your business carefully, as it will precede you wherever you go!

What’s in a Name?

A name, if well chosen, can be an effective advertising tool. It can also help your customers understand what your business and what market you are targeting. A name may confuse customers inappropriate or leak.

Naming your business

Here are some points to remember:
• It is easier to remember a short name.
• Giving your name your company does not inform potential customers about the nature of your business. Instead, choose a name that will help people understand what your company sells.
• Choose a name that matches the image you want to project.Your name should be catchy and should create an image that your customers will recognize and inspire their confidence.
• Try not to use abbreviations (eg. The company ABC) for a small business, unless you have a big enough marketing budget to make this memorable name.
• Choose a name any individual who will allow you to distinguish yourself from the competition.
• Choose a name that does not exist. Many names are a trademark or belong to companies incorporated under the federal system.
Learn more about trade names, including how to protect your name and choose a name incorporated.
• Choose a name
These are the points you should consider when choosing the name of your company.
• Search by name in the NUANS
Applies to: All Canada
Compare the name you provide for your business to the names of existing businesses to see if it is unique.
• What’s in a Name? Use the trademark as a business tool
Learn how to protect your business name.
• Search a brand name
Use the advanced search business name to see if a trade name has been registered with the Ontario government.
• Information on registering a business name (Ontario)
Applies to: Ontario
Record the name of your business online, in person or by mail.
• Registrar of Companies (Alberta)
Applies to: Alberta
When you do business in Alberta, you can save a cooperative, corporation, extra-provincial company, a non-profit company, corporation, trade name or a partnership.
• Choosing a name in New Brunswick – Guidelines for the reasons of corporations, trade names and partnerships
Get help in choosing a name in New Brunswick.
• Be a corporation
Learn the steps to form your company in Quebec, including application forms and processing your request.

Your business name and domain name web

You have thought about your business name, is a survey of friends and potential customers, and you have now found a great name.Before you register your business under that name, be sure to think of your web presence.

• If someone else already has the rights of the domain name that matches the name you choose, you may send them many customers or make it difficult for customers to find you. You may wish to choose another business name, if the domain already belongs to someone.
• If your business name is very long, you might consider using a shortened version for your domain name. This way, people will not have to enter a long link to access your Web site.
• Choose the suffix of your domain. Ca (dot-ca). Com (dot com), or another suffix.
• You may choose to purchase multiple domain names, p. ex. one. ca and. com, one with the long version of your business name and one with an acronym, areas for particular industries or tag lines you use, and so on.
• Avoid choosing an area that is a trademark owned by someone else.