Multiplies develops the new website of Rusticae

A perfect balance between brand and conversion experiential website multiplied, persuadability, online and digital marketing strategy consultancy, has developed the new website of Rusticae, The Good Life Company.

Rusticae is a brand with a great tour in the online world and had a challenge: go from being a brand of boutique hotels to be The Good Life Company.

Multiplies develops

Rusticae already is a way of understanding life, experiences, which includes hotels, restaurants, spas, wineries and much more. A change of strategy and a new paradigm for Rusticae brand and its customers.

The project was key to convert more without losing brand image, putting the focus on the differential of quality and exclusivity that knows so well how to convey Rusticae in the offline.

The project .rusticae. esincluded the strategic conceptualization and positioning of brand in the online environment, the information architecture fills with persuadability, and the design of the new site, taking into account the balance between brand and conversion.

Should be noted that the new site exclusive sections such as the “one page site\” with intention for the section about us, the service of inspiration where Rusticae team advises you to your escape and bids for the “World Rusticae” exclusive club “last minute”.

About Rusticae – The Good Life Company
RUSTICAE, TheGoodlifeCompany, club of quality of small hotels with character pioneer and leader in Spain, which brings together more than 200 establishments in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Argentina, and about 115 restaurants in Spain with Degustae bet hand”the good life”, by everything that makes us feel good and brings us closer to our cultural roots.

Hotels and restaurants that are carefully selected for their hospitality, personalised service, attention to detail, exquisite decor that will enable us to continue providing our customers unique experiences inspired by the art of living.

About multiply
Multiply is a consultant for strategy, digital marketing, persuadability and measurement to become an indisputable reference in the conceptualization and energizing business through smart and cost-effective use of new technologies and the Internet. Multiply is the consultant that greater guarantees in the market to significantly improve the ratios of conversion and – therefore – the results customers online. Since the 2000 applies the intelligence, knowledge of the environment, creativity, elegance, pragmatism and common sense to generate tangible results in the business of its customers.

Currently, multiplied, with headquarters in Barcelona, has offices in Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Mexico, Miami and San Francisco.