You’re thinking about mounting a greengrocer?

A reduced investment, limited the sales of large areas impact… If you choose the right area, and look well to your competition, you can boot with a greengrocer, Yes, a traditional business, offline, with an investment of less than 40,000 euros.

We wrote a post on our blog about why a greengrocers remained business in times of crisis, though it opens three metres of a Mercadona and a little less than five minutes by car from a Carrefour and an IFA.


Since then, readers have told us so, as very nice, but queriáis a business plan that you target.Did not find anything decent unless a reader put us on the track of a plan of the Andalusian employment service (can find the link to the comprehensive plan on our website). We, or shorts, or lazy, we have sought to its author, David alley González, the service of promotion of the development Local of the Andalusian employment service technician, and we have asked that he summed up their assets and threats.

Why is business? “For a start, it requires little prior experience and training.” “In the food sector is more stable establishments for the sale of their products,” said alley. That, on the one hand.

Also “sales of fruits and vegetables have a lower impact on large surfaces [what would usually be a brutal competition, it is not so much in this case].” “Fruits and vegetables are still being acquired mainly in the traditional fruterías”, continues. And it has a more affordable cost structure. “You can be serviced by a single person”.

“It is desirable to know how to work in the sector: opening hours, buy merchandise…;” “constantly analyze the competition in the area and establish strategies of differentiation,” he continues.

Differentiation?In Catalonia, for example, works Sa2pe, a chain of fruterías kilometre zero, who have not traveled more than 100 km from the field to the store, but have not found a similar proposal out of this community.

Market study
€ 30,000. “Although it depends on the area and the type of establishment, the initial investment of a greengrocer is low: between 30,000 and 40,000 euros”, points out alley. “The products are sold at different prices and some of them lose value or must discard entirely.” Thus, the gross margin on the purchase price estimated by the sector to a business retail ranges between 30-40% of the purchase price that is discounted debris (5-10%) “.”