Examine your motivations to start a business

May sound trivial, examine your deepest reasons why you want to start a business will help you focus better toward success. Why? Mainly because many people try to Initiate business for the wrong reasons:


¤ Under pressure from their parents or relatives
¤ Because they hate their bosses
¤ Because they hate their jobs
¤ Because they have capital and want to invest it in ¤ something (not a bad reason but should not be taken lightly)
¤ Because they want to have much free time
¤ For close friends have their own businesses

The reasons why you want to start your own business can be many, but the important thing is that your reason takes you right to become a leader, an entrepreneur who can lead with pride and tenacity of your company’s success. If these reasons are not clear and substantiated, it is likely that this will not happen because you do not have the enthusiasm, energy and vision to do it. So Examine yourself and determine first if you really want is what would make you feel accomplished.

You must maintain an attitude of learning and learning Undertake are not synonymous but are very similar. The entrepreneur is always learning. Especially in these times to succeed as an entrepreneur is required to be updated constantly acquiring new knowledge and to compete aggressively . I can assure you that your competitors will be every day researching and implementing improvements to their production processes, administrative, financial and sales in order to obtain benefits and an increasing market share. Sit around thinking that your study of 8 years are the guarantee for your success is an illusion that leads many in the opposite direction.

If you take and want to do that successfully, you must be willing to read and document yourself and be constantly the best in everything you do. ACTION! Finally, all we can to expose it would not help if he had a final action. Much like the movies, if there is no action, they become boring. This is business. So after you have planned enough and researched enough, prespupuestado enough and created a myriad of ideas, then goes into action and commit to your business and yourself to get by without sparing efforts and sacrifices. Personally I would love to hear your story and if you could share would be great. As always I wish you every success.