Demand for professionals with training in Mobile Business

The training specialized n is postulated as option the absence of specialists in the vile m business environment. Vile m business is now an unstoppable reality. With 63% of the vile m users, smartphone and a growing market for m-commerce also multiplies the number n of professionals specialized in the Mobile environment.

As confirms the company’s recruitment of Twago digital profiles, that in its last study linked profiles linked to Mobile and Apps doubled in the or 2012. Are some positive data which collide with another reality professionals trained to cover those jobs?

Mobile Business

The demand for new digital profiles and lack of professional training environments, the business school of the n innovation and entrepreneurs, IEBS Business School has just announce the launch of the new Master in Mobile Business: technology as, apps and business for vilem.

Enterprises require experts in tourism portal of digital business management. Experts who know cu are options integraci n of traditional models of enterprises in the digital environment, qu implies each, professional qu make this work possible, and know find and coordinate this team that is able to make the transfer of knowledge, says Pascual Parada, program director and an expert in innovation n.

The increasing use of smartphones is an unstoppable trend. ESPA is pa s greater proportion n of smartphones has in Europe, with 63.2% of the users of the vile market m with smartphone, increasing at a rate of 14.8% compared to 13% of the European average, seg n ComScore data.

The irrupci the use of smartphones and tablets in the homes forces companies to adapt its services and sales channels to the new formats where consumer seeks, share, recommend and purchase.

The mobile marketing, development of apps, adaptation n of the business environments online, ecommerce and responsive design experts are postulated as the axes of the professional profiles of the current vile m environment.

The Master in Mobile Business: technology as, apps and business for vile m delves into the strategy of adaptation to such spaces business models n. Through a methodology to pr practice, school equips students with knowledge based on real situations, current cases and trends.

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The Master in Mobile Business: technology alegr�as, apps and business for me do ½viles is aimed at professionals of the environment of marketing, product managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, engineers and all those interested in the environment mi do ½vil as a business model.