According AFELMA in 2012 mineral wool insulation sold 1.6 million m3

Although the situation in the construction affects all products and crafts, the versatility of mineral wool, guaranteed quality and homogeneous and demand industrial and tertiary sector have enabled the sales data improve market performance. Professionals value the return on investment by improving the thermal, acoustic and fire protection with the same product AFELMA rehabilitation plan calls for annual equivalent to 350,000 homes According to AFELMA (Association of Spanish manufacturers of Mineral Wool Insulation) in 2012 in Spain sales insulating mineral wool (glass wool and rock wool) totaled 1.6 million cubic meters, representing a decrease of 18% compared with the previous year.

mineral wool insulation

According to the association, is the fall more pronounced after 2008 and 2009 that focused on the hardest settings the construction sector, although the starting point was a market that had just experienced the highest housing boom. Now, however, the fall occurs in a depressed market and expansion plans in need of aid to sustainable rehabilitation of housing for reactivating it again. Nevertheless, mineral wool insulation have managed to settle the year with improved data in figures 14 percentage points of the construction sector.

Indeed, AFELMA estimated that the number of housing starts fell 42% in 2012 to positioned on 45,400. While the finished homes accounted 120,300, ie 28% less. In short, during exercise, the number of housing starts was 166,000 and completed, 33% fewer than in 2011. But also visas new address for all kinds of uses, reflecting a decrease of the surface to build the 35% or even less activity: work becomes less and less affected surface.

Moreover , the number of renovated buildings in 2012 fell 19% to 28,000 as estimated AFELMA whereas authorizations to run the protected rehabilitation residential park covered in state and regional plans fell to 48,000 homes, a 46% down in 2011. Consequently, if the reforming activity was already weak, it is now.

Only a national plan and urgent rehabilitation of buildings thermal and acoustic, that claim AFELMA again, allow the recovery of the construction sector. Otherwise, forecasts indicate a more critical. This plan should include ways to finance low-interest and tax deductions. Must combine public and private efforts, and be coordinated by the Government. According AFELMA enable annual payments are required through various formulas that enable efficient rehabilitation face equivalent to 350,000 homes per year, which would save over the useful life thereof, TEP 36 million and 130 million U CO2 with consequent savings in the energy bill and national citizens.

AFELMA estimated turnover of mineral wool insulation in 100 million euros, so have acceptable behavior compared to the sectoral context characterized by acute relapse of the new construction and rehabilitation.