Mentors and Accountability

Once people get into a routine at work and develop bad habits, it becomes challenging to break these cycles. Performing the bare minimum becomes accepted intrinsically, and you find yourself going through the motions.

Unless an outside party intervenes, it is likely that you will merely begin to cost through your career and not aspire for more fulfilling positions.

If you ever find yourself in this position, finding a mentor may help you remain accountable and start utilizing your talents effectively in the workplace. Motivation is hard to come by when you do not see the light at the end of a tunnel. However, receiving support from a mentor may be the jumpstart your career needs.

Receiving Career Guidance

If you are a recent college graduate or just started working in a new industry, your focus is probably on the position at hand. Mentors in the workplace can help create career action plans that will also keep you accountable.

In specific industries, mentors at work want to see you leave the firm relatively quickly, so you do not become comfortable with where you are now. Workplaces often offer these services, but some employers are not set up for mentor and mentee relationships. In these instances, young employees often seek out help from professionals like Keith Krach to receive career guidance and a direction forward.

At this time, career paths are incredibly uncertain with automation on the horizon and certain positions leaving the workforce. Mentors are individuals who have a stable income base and are generally well off. With this being true, mentors have time to research multiple industries and can create guides for changes that are quickly approaching.

Since your mentor is probably an individual who experienced situations similar to your current circumstance, they can help you make career transitions. Your current position could leave the marketplace shortly, and a mentor may be able to help position you in a situation that does not currently exist.

Maintaining a Life-Long Professional Connection

Nowadays, young workers change employers almost as often as they change clothes. People move to different localities and create a new social circle both personally and professionally. Gone are the days of remaining with one employer for the entire duration of your career and receiving an elaborate send-off party for decades of consistent work.

When you find a mentor, you can make at least one stable professional connection that will last a lifetime. Encountering a mentor that enjoys watching your continued success will have a fantastic effect on your livelihood. As you grow as an individual, this person will still be there to provide counsel when they can.

Possessing a life-long relationship with your mentor may also inspire you to perform the same type of service later on in life. If you are an observant person, you will eventually begin to understand why your mentor can help you and share these gifts with others. Paying it forward could be the biggest payoff of being mentored in the first place.