Marketing: 13 reflexes to capture the spirit of the times

Ten million vacuum cleaners robots were sold worldwide last year.This information is the weak signal of a trend that emerges: the “Robot revolution“. Market prospects are excellent, the consumer is ready and awaiting concrete innovations.

Monitor and decipher trends is crucial for companies to stay in the race, detect new opportunities or to regain the lost ground. How many industries are threatened by simple blindness or autism?


The industries of music, photo, travel, press, publishing have been upset by the arrival of the digital. The antiphon is known: as long as the cases go well why change?

For surfing on the wave of disruption rather than to be submerged, Dominique Cuvillier, suggests therefore all simply to property entrepreneurs observe the present for better anticipating the future: “signal weak and trends provide a lighting to better cultivate her sense of anticipation” says the expert.

Prerequisite to properly capture this air of the time: stop taking refuge behind chewed studies that stifle intuition and prevent the emergence of real news. Here are 13 to awakening all your sensors.

1 – Awareness of the permanent chaos
Crises are permanent. Need to integrate this state of affairs but to extract general fear or mistrust around you. Breathe the air of the time should be is a source of oxygen.

2 – Take the time to look at landscapes.
Hypnotized by speed, in a TGV is more the landscape. The information society abolished the space and time and makes it more difficult forecasting. Resist the consumerism of flow, slow down the pace, take the time to reflect.

3-Have its own grid of reading of the world
One must choose his path of analyses to keep control over amounts of disparate data. The current industrial revolution is built on access to information, knowledge and expertise. These wonderful resources destabilize one who does not know filter: access economy led to an economy of excess.

4 – Boost imagination by surprise
The competitive advantage of anticipation, not born market or protocols marketing studies. Only active observation stimulates the imagination.

5 – Accept the part of unknown
The precautionary principle that guides our society concerned and paralyzes action. It is a dangerous solution of withdrawal. Capture the future taking risks is much more promising.

6 – Understanding the effects chain
A technological innovation leads to a new trend that leads to a new use which will challenge related industries… The breakthrough of digital tablets a decline in sales of notebook PCs and impact the Edition or the press with digital consumption of reading.

7 – Anticipate the improbable
You need to be aware of unpredictable violent disruptions.

8 – Think like a “neopathe”
This is the new obsession. It’s not tracking the new for the new but to better see the changes, mutations that rustle.

9. Do not watch what everyone sees
Be the first to detect a phenomenon rather than the follower of the trend of the moment. The premium is always the leader. It’s not always be “mainstream”.

10 – Respond and act
Have little control over the future is stressful but question society, give a reading of the facts, to identify a trend and weak signals can act and react with calm and serenity.

11 – Have a distorted vision
To avoid the routine and go beyond his own schemes, think to change glasses regularly to change the view.

12 – Be optimistic
In a nervous and draft world, cultivate the consistency of an observation coastdown without taboo or constraint or pathos, for a positive reading of the world. The decline is not inevitable but the Prod for start later.

13-Doing evidence of common sense
Understand the environment in which are immersed must not be a source of complexity. Use common sense to inform your strategy and to act on a daily basis.