Marketing on social networks

The New Year is just around the bend, and for some organizations, the new start can bring concerning great changes. Although a change might be the right choice for a particular company, you can leave employees feeling insecure about its constancy in employment, alter of responsibilities or other implications of the transition.

The need for an energetic CEO in social networks inside and exterior of a company is real: a recent study by 2300 global employees made by Weber found that 55 percent of employees who had gone through a alter happening at work say that his employer had offered more digital and common promise. In addition, only 17 percent of employees who had newly undergone a change in work gave high marks to the communications of the leadership of their companies.

Marketing on social networks

A social CEO encourages feedback

In the midst of a major shift, employees may feel that their voices are not heard. Their fears, concerns and questions and these changes were made without their input. Even when employees speak their minds, does not feel that others are listening. A survey among the employees of the United States published last March by 15Five found that only 15 percent of employees surveyed think that the reviews was valued by managers.

Internal social channels allow employees to voice their concerns and get a straight response from the CEO. In addition, CEOs can get valuable in order about potential problems at work that you may not have considered and observations about the movements that are implement to facilitate changes in employees. When a company has its own internal power provide, you can make sure that employees are the only reading internal messages. When a social news feed serves as an extension of your company’s culture, it becomes a tool of excellent comments.

In addition to internal social networks, social CEO can use LinkedIn or Facebook groups private employees to open a discussion in a forum-like setting. A news feed of companies will continue to provide the payment of the majority, but the use of other social groups makes significant in sequence where employees are able to see it. Given that 70 percent of Facebook users polled by Pew Research in January said they used the stage of at least once a day, employees must see and interact with the information published on the site.

A social CEO brings together teams.

A Chief Executive Officer is the face of the company and for the employees, the face of the mission and goals of the company. When a change occurs mission and vision is what holds together teams and focused on your goals. A CEO can merge social goals of top line and remind employees that are working towards. After all, 82 per cent of respondents in the United States in the poll BRAND fog said CEO assure in social networks helped to talk the values of the own companies and its standing for the kind of form.