The art market grew 50% in the crisis

According to reports from the Junyent Dolors art gallery, the art market has grown worldwide in 2010. The period 2008 to 2010 was a crisis but recovery has been for some sectors. Despite the obvious difficulties of the economy, art can be a good investment in times of crisis. Experts say it is a product that never loses value and can be affordable for most pockets.

According to opinions expressed by The Art Gallery Dolors Junyent, specialized masters of painting and sculpture from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and historical Vanguards contemporary artists, last year the art market grew 50% over . The period 2008 to 2012 was a crisis but has also been a period of growth and recovery for some sectors, among which is the art .

market grew

Globally, this market last year grew by 43 million over the previous year and this is due in part to some private collectors went on sale at high prices works that once got buyers. market leader headed China’s ranking is ahead of the United States and the United Kingdom. In the words of Armand Junyent Torra, co-director of Dolors Junyent, “art has always been a safe investment.

Now you can buy good pieces. An excellent resource is acquired drawings and engravings of famous authors who have a much more affordable price. ” From the gallery highlights the importance of people to visit museums and exhibitions in order to distinguish which parts or what paintings are art and which are not. The fact these visits and is a very important investment for the individual concerned, which in time may have an idea of the work that interests you and wants to purchase.

Dolors About Junyent Galeria d’Art: The gallery, located in Barcelona and founded in 1978, specializes in the Masters of Painting and Sculpture Catalan XIX-XX centuries, the historical avant-garde and contemporary artists of international renown. Dolors philosophy Junyent Gallery d ‘Art is to offer high quality work, which for her years and periods are rare in commercial channels. Choosing the pieces, and the customer service is carried out in a totally personalized way, meeting the demands of collectors and institutions with all the rigor and professionalism.