Software for management company property

To have a successful management company property, you must treat it as a business, even if you are just using it as a secondary source of income. Property management comes with a lot of paperwork, billing and tracking. The property management software automates several tasks and create a simple workspace to control properties, tenants and suppliers.

Quicken Rental Property Manager

Quicken Rental Property Manager  combine your personal and property management accounts. The “Rent Center” (Centro income) lets you track your property instantly. The section will show you what tenants have not paid the rent for the month. You can track expenses for each property and use the snapshot feature to compare the income statement. Also check the entry and exit of your personal accounts, including bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal and investment accounts. The program classifies your expenses automatically and allows you to create a budget.

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LandlordMax divide your information into subcategories as tenants, vendors and properties. Under the subcategories you can create a file for each person or property and store leases, notes, previous bills and contact information. Invoices tab allows you to create and send invoices to tenants and vendors. The Account tab allows you to create a payment history. You can analyze the benefits and losses for each property or unit with this software. You can generate reports based on the properties, tenants or suppliers reports. You can also create and save checklists for each of your properties tasks.


On Site Property Manager

On Site Property Manager lets you manage your online properties. The program will automatically generate invoices and many of the forms you need for tenants. For example, the function of a single click allows you to create invoices or print receipts for your tenants. You can also automatically create ads for tenants. You can configure the software to automatically post surcharges for late rent. You can also receive notifications of recurring charges such as taxes or utility payments. On Site Property Manager requires a monthly fee for its use.


Property Manager

Property Manager lets you do most of your work online property management. The management feature allows you to create profiles for your tenants and make easily follow. You can create online applications for prospective tenants. You can also create paperless billing to your suppliers. With the accounting function you can accept online payments from tenants or writing ACH transfers to suppliers, eliminating the need for checks. You can also manually enter bill payments. The marketing function keeps track of vacancies and publications of rentals that are added to automatically.