Optimize your management business

The Euclid group-Rent and Tech agreement allows the compa as improve their competitiveness, since they can be used to necessary technology for the development of your business without compromising its capital Group Euclides, technology company information as n specialized in tourism portal management business solutions, offers companies the opportunity of having the solutions you needed to start up your business without that suppose a payment outstanding for them.

management business

This action n has been launched with the collaboration of the compa n to Rent and Tech. Renting Tecnol magical is the solution m s demand today by the compa as, since it allows them an operating lease that acquire technology through the payment of a fee to fixed monthly rental.

In this way the company as can maximize the efficiency of your technology, paying only for the equipment of hardware, software licenses and services you really need without adding unnecessary costs. Thus conf an in this alternative enterprises have multiple advantages m so much technological as financial strategic. In the terrain tecnol gico have secured renewal n of the systems of information, simplified the removal of the active devolvi ndolos n to your landlord, adem s of the flexibility needed to adapt to changing requirements occurring in the sector.

Financially come and reduced cost of ownership (TCO), get a help in the n of the cash flow and budget management, hold debt off their balance sheets that their ratios of development improve and adem s conserve working capital, keeping intact their lines of credit l. This form of rental offers the compa as tax benefits and important flexibility which makes it a very interesting solution since they get to work with the latest technology available in the market, with all the advantages that this entails, and without compromising the capital of the company to says Javier Blanco commercial director of Grupo Euclides.