Making a business plan

Develop a business plan is not a simple task that can be made ​​from one moment to another, but it’s a job that requires time and dedication, since it has many parts and requires extensive information, soliendo be necessary development of one or more research to know all aspects of the project or future business.

However, developing a business plan is not complex, but it is something that everyone can do as long as they know the steps, and familiar with your project or business. It is advisable to start by making a simple and basic plan, and gradually go deeper into the development of the parties as more information is gained, according to the needs or objectives of the plan, or persons who will be targeted .


For example, if the main objective of the plan is to evaluate the feasibility of launching a new product, we could give more importance to market research. Or if the main objective of the plan is to present to financial institutions or investors, we could give more importance to the financial evaluation.

1. Cover and table of contents:

The cover is the first thing the reader will see the business plan, so we must be sure to make a good first impression. It must look professional and include the project name or business, the name of the author or authors of the plan, and company logo. The table of contents or index page is the following business plan. This will allow the reader to know what you will find in the plan, and allow you to quickly find the part you want to read.

2. Executive Summary:

The executive summary is a summary of the most important of the other parts of the business plan, so it should be placed at the beginning of this, but be prepared after having completed the other parties. This should provide the basic facts of the business, business description, distinguishing features, competitive advantages, the reasons for the proposed business, business objectives, major strategies, the team, the investment required, and business profitability.