How to make money with free software

Can you make a living as a software developer of free? Although it is not easy to make money with free software, various financial strategies can help to cover the costs or even make a smalln. profit for those programmers who have a product of their work in the public domai



Calls donations. If your open source software is widely used and enjoyed, some people would be willing and interested in giving you a donation for your hard work. Includes a “Donate” button on your Web page as an easy way to make money with free software. Even if you do not get a lot of donations, this method does not require much effort on your part, so you do not have much to lose.

make money with free software


Includes listings in your download page. You can include Google Adwords as a quick way to get revenue for ad impressions, or you can find your own advertisers that complement the type of software code open you’ve created.
Create custom business functions. Many companies that use open source software require special features. You can create special functions for companies and charge an hourly fee or a fee for the whole project.

Charge a maintenance fee. While it may not be able to charge for the software itself you have written, you may be able to charge users a monthly maintenance fee for the use of your software. Your maintenance fee could include the solution of technical problems or make sure your software is compatible with the user’s system.

Charges a fee for commercial use. Depending on the type of free software, you may be able to charge certain users to use your software. For example, you can leave private users and non-profit use for free but charge for commercial software companies use.