Make money with your professional business

Have you started a business professional, but you are not getting the results you want? Do you want to start making real money with your business, but do not know what you are failing? You know what NOT to do so that your business succeeds? Expert coach in Marketing & Business Professionals and this article will tell you how to take the first steps to create your own business as a consultant. This year has given me a lot to write in my articles on making money. Sure, it is not making money anyway that is not my expertise, but make money with your professional business.


The answer immediately is not earn enough I do not have customers or sales to generate sufficient income first started and have no income and other very similar. How it is possible that so many people have the same problem, goes, and spends time and still do not solve it?

This is an example that I love to give because it is very graphic. Do you sell your knowledge as if it were a mass product? First reason, then, why not make money. Services require other promotional and advertising strategies for your clients understand that service is exactly what you need, and you choose among many other options.

Probably should have put this in the first place, because besides being one of the most harmful, it is still the most common. When really a customer realizes that you have to offer is ideal for him (or in your case is that customer is ideal), money is one of the most salvageable obstacles. If you do not believe me, try to sell something “almost given” to someone who does not need. Money is not the most amounts. That service is ideal for your client yes it is.

Do not use your talent to stand out

You have to give a good reason for your customers choose you, right? A fabulous way to stand out is to use your talent to do it.  The way you do what you do, the way you show and what you show is what your potential customer can evaluate you. If you connect with your personality, with that plus that gives your talent, then it will be much more “hooked” to you for those reasons that more formal and differentiation, competitive advantage, etc.

Not to be specific in what you offer

The more generic you do, the less you feel that is ideal for him. Many more strange words you use (even for you to be super-common because you dedicate yourself to it less can connect what you need with your solution. Provide coaching, consulting, a tool called this or that way, it really is not what you need your customer. Your customer needs to know that you have a solution for your problem called this or that.

Being invisible or anonymous and pretend that you buy

If nobody knows you, why you do suppose they will buy this is the way: first you know, then like you, and then trust you and eventually you buy. How long we talking about? It is very variable, depends on what you offer, how you connect with people, your communication, etc, but that is the way. If you do not go out there, it will take certainly more and more to arrive and until you are likely to stay on the road without achieving results.

Do not value your services

Rate means knowing its value. No price, they are worth. What you can help achieve, which transform, you avoid the cost the impact on their lives that you solve the problem. Not value your services is to have lower rates, is not knowing how to sell, it is to do as do others, is not to communicate how you can help your ideal client, is not to show how you can make a difference .

Do not share or give anything free all free

This is one of my favorites, because the balance is always the most difficult challenge. It is a mistake not shares anything with your potential customers free. For example introduce you to connect with your potential customers, position yourself in a given market and at a certain level of that market that they like you they realize that you are the solution to your problems they have a sample of your work, etc.