Make Money Online with Ads by Google

In the last article ” How to Make Money Online with a Blog “explains how to start a blog, an easy online business. A blog is an informational site where we write articles of interest on a specific topic, and generating income through private ads, google ads or sell products or services.

Make Money Online

The main questions focused on the exact steps to generate income. Now I will explain the forms, steps and recommendations to make money online :

Make Money on the Internet 1. Ads by Google

This is the easiest way to make money online . Basically, Google pays us to put your ads on our site. For every click that visitors give the ad, Google pays a percentage variable. For example, if the ad cost him 50 cents to the advertiser, Google can pay us 10 cents. The rate varies, depends on several factors like type of ad (text or graphic), the subject (there are ads that pay better than others), and the cost of the ad to the advertiser.

To start your online business by advertising in google:

a. Create a blog (steps explained in last item)
b. Sign in to / adsense and sign
c. Register the domain of your blog and follow the confirmation steps
d. Create an advertisement (graphic, text, size) in the section on New Google Adsense Ad
e. Copy the ad code (html code)
f. Paste the code into the code of your blog. Generally, systems like wordpress, blogger or joomla, used as platforms for blogs, use mini programs (called plugins, widgets, gadgets) for easy handling code. Look for one that says “Google adsense” This will be easier to manipulate the code.
g. Wait about 5 minutes to see the changes they see in your blog. You will see it automatically, Google already publishing ads on your site.

For google ad revenue:

a. Will depend on factors such as traffic on your site (the more traffic, more likely to click on ads), the theme of the ads (some songs like “hosting” or “banks” pay more than songs like “spirituality” or “cinema” ), the number of clicks received on ads (called conversion of clicks), and the type of ad (ads pay more but receive less clicks).
b. At the end of the month, you’ll see in your google adsense account the total money they receive
c. You can register a bank account, card, or choose to receive a check
d. Depending on the previous step, you get the money, usually quoted in dollars (Read more articles here in the internet business ).