The second way to make money online is with private ads. Simply put, we take away google broker, and we ourselves sell advertising space directly to a company or person interested in promoting something on our site.

This strategy to make money with a blog can be used once visitor traffic has steadily and wide. It is advisable to have at least a thousand people daily traffic to use this strategy. (Note: Traffic is measured by using a tool called google analytics)

Make Money on Internet

To make money with ads private:
Forms of advertising:

1. Cost per mile: Charge per 1000 ad impressions
2. Cost per click: Charge only for click, like Google
3. Monthly cost: charging a monthly fee, regardless of impressions or clicks

The easiest way is to control monthly fee is charged per month, regardless of results.

Type of advertising:

1. Sponsored Links: link to a site
2. Banner ad or image: there are different measures, such as banners horizontal, vertical, rectangular, square, measured in pixels, the most common is 100 square banner and 250 × 100 × 250 pixels.
3. Sponsored Article: Write an article recommending a company, product or service

Location of banner:

1. Above, in the content in the sidebar, at the end of section
2. The “hot zone” or where they give more clicks is to the left above, below or right while less clicks you receive


1. It’s an estimate, for every 1000 visitors daily, you can charge about $ 50 dollars a month, or charge $ 1 per click
2. It also influences the brand of your site. For example, I am entrepreneur charged per thousand impressions, and charges more than normal for its brand, despite not having as much traffic as expected.
3. You can also charge by position, a bonus for being above or left.
4. You may charge for doing banner design, if the advertiser does not know how. Requires experience and knowledge in graphic design, using software such as Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop or Corel.

For private ad revenue:

a. Post your ad page and a contact form
b. Offer your price quotes to interested
c. Negotiate the final price and payment
d. The recommended method of payment is by bank deposit or paypal
e. Ask for ad in html (code) or offer the service of making the banner
f. Insert the banner and html code to your site (use as adsense, gadget or widget for wordpress)
g. Keep track of banner, free software is to monitor the clicks, impressions

Make Money on Internet :Sell ​​products or services

You can make money online by selling products or services, both tangible and intangible. This is the most complex form of Internet business models , requires additional steps such as production, marketing, importation, and sale of the product. However, it offers a good return will be explained later. Sale of products / services intangibles.

Through the blog can offer their services to site visitors. This applies to any type of services such as translators, consultants, architects, designers, lawyers, etc..

The promotion of these services, use the same strategy as private advertising by creating a special page (now called “Services”) which publishes its services, prices, packages, etc.. or use the internet marketing .

In the case of intangible products, these include electronic books, courses, programs, help files, etc..

Sale of tangible products

It’s a bit more complicated, requires that we look like a physical business, because they include activities such as production of the product to sell, import from China and other countries, merchandising, marketing, planning costs, etc.. You can read more in the article to sell online shop .

Recommendations Make Money Online

In 100Negocios to develop a course from 0, start making money online . Throughout the course CENI, How to Start an Internet Business , explained the above and more, to give all the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to succeed in starting a business online .