Strategies and ideas that make business grow

The Agora Center of La Coruna held the sixth meeting promoting SMEs 2013. Through 10 microponencias 10 minutes, driving the project companies, offered more than 200 attendees 10 innovative strategies to grow their businesses. Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, Sanitas, La Ser, JCDecaux, Cesce, Iberia Plus company, Endesa, post, Sage, Ono, Philips, Enisa, Arsys, Schober, Ayudasaunclic, Womenalia, Nespresso, Europcar, CuVitt, Dintel Foundation and Avalon the network of experts are the 22 companies involved in this initiative. Promoting SMEs held yesterday, the 9:00 and 11:00 h, sixth meeting promoting SMEs 2013 in the Agora Center in A Coruña. The opening was carried out by the Deputy Mayor, delegate Councillor of the Area of employment and enterprise, Ms. Maria Luisa Cid Castro, where the presentation highlighted the active participation of large enterprises in promoting SMEs, stressing the importance of innovation as a key in the generation of employment, and in the future.

make business grow

In this sense, Cid, emphasized the need to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the innovation process since, in many cases, are more difficult in this respect. The Deputy Mayor of employment and business, reiterated that the involvement of companies that have been successful in promoting SMEs, and the fact that this initiative is carried out in all Spain, tantalizingly, by implying cumulative knowledge of experiences.

10 innovative strategies, through 10 microponencias 10 minutes, were presented by driving the project companies, during a meeting which was attended by more than 200 entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, the Galician company IPglobal, specialists in complete solutions for internet businesses, presented his project as a case of local success, thus opting to award Ono best SME 2013 to be delivered on June 19, during the Madrid meeting.

For its part, Iberia Plus company held the draw “Support to SMEs”, which was awarded a prize of 1,500 points company equivalent to a flying round-trip to Europe in economy class between attendees.

Promoting SMEs is based on four fundamental pillars for the development of industrial and business fabric: financing, innovation, internationalisation and energy efficiency. So SMEs to adopt this philosophy, during the meeting, driving companies provide both ideas and specific services to implement them.

After passing through the Galician lands, promoting SMEs reach the midpoint of the 2013 Edition. Now, the road show returns to Andalusia to celebrate a new meeting that will be the great reception that is taking so far in the Lounge acts of building multiple municipal services of Malaga.