Create a major project on Corporate Social Responsibility

With the name: Corporate Social Responsibility in CSR AEMME MicroEmpresas synergies together and UOC (Open University of Catalonia) to co-organize a national level, a project of relevance to the group of Micro, individual entrepreneurs, corporate entrepreneurs self and limited partnerships. Being aware of the difficult situation and believe strongly in the need to provide information, training, support and monitoring for business, all under the prism of CSR, did this project that aims to provide quality solution to these needs. AEMME in Collaboration with the University.

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– Open University of Catalonia – and their Associated Micro, have this IMPORTANT PROJECT, contact economic and social agents, acting as a unifying core of a coordinated effort between all institutions and companies involved using a model customized to the needs of the microenterprises. The project development is done with Entrepreneurs, Professionals / Business Consultants, Lawyers, Large, Medium, Small and Micro, in a process that allows the enterprise and / or development in the internationalization, finally expanding and forming or developing unaMicroempresa (SELF), which, in turn, is the start / Continuity of Business Activity and all contemplated from Corporate Social Responsibility.

Presentation of the project will be held on June 27, in the Avenida Tibidabo, 39, enBarcelona, ​​home of the UOC Business School, from where it will depart to other Spanish cities. In the program for the presentation of this significant project, have the presence of Joan Torrent Sellens by Victor I. Corrales Delgado, Director of Business School and Chairman of AEMME UOC, Spanish Multisectoral Microenterprise Association, respectively, that will lead to the different presentations that will take place throughout the morning. Among the speakers are, Josep M ª Canyelles, Consultant of the University and expert on CSR, Joan Miro, Director of Development at Liberty Seguros, Juan José Dominguez, CEO Group Daedalus Consultants and M ª Angels Farreny Bordallo, President and Founder of Breathe Natura 3.9: School of breaths and Fernando de la Rosa, director Foxize School. During the event, will also be developed Roundtables paths with the title “Business Liability Insurance” and “How to manage a small business responsibly?” Which share a turn open to all attendees.

Successful cases Breathe Natura 3.0: European School of breaths and Foxize School, will provide a practical insight into CSR as a competitive tool for microenterprises. From 14.00 will develop a Networking with Wine Glass (by Micuit Catering). Under the patronage of Liberty Seguros, UOC Business School, and GG Viyan Group, have also collaborated other companies involved in this project as Low Cost Consulting Concept, + marge, Daedalus Consulting, Natura Breathe 3.0: European School of breaths and Foxize School. To more information and / or register for the event. About AEMME AEMME was founded in 2004 with the intention of servicing a business because of their special characteristics is more isolated and more difficult to integrate into groups: Microenterprise. AEMME integrates individual entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses in general: Companies in most familial cases, with few employees and many daily effort.