USM graduate new made and doctors

The latter was a solemn occasion in which the USM delivered to the professional world to 222 new graduates. It’s 9 PhDs in computer science, in Sciences mention chemical, biotechnology, and in physical sciences.

In addition, 213 made in Telematics Engineering Sciences; Science in electrical engineering; in Sciences, mention in chemistry; in mechanical engineering sciences; in Sciences, mention in mathematics; in science of Informatics Engineering; Science in Civil Engineering; Science in electronic engineering; Science in chemical engineering.

new made and doctors

During the ceremony, Jose Rodriguez, Rector of the Universidad Santa María, said, referring to new graduates, that “this Act is tremendously significant for me, because you have become a reality, with their effort, the dream of don Federico Santa María to the children of his homeland to the highest degree of human knowledge”.

In addition, he added that “you chose this route that will be of great importance for their development to the interior of the companies which perform or will ever play, in teaching or in the generation of jobs and work through their private ventures”.

“The improvement they have acquired makes them different from other professionals, because they have opted to acquire competences and skills that not everyone has. That will open many doors and allow them to contribute to cutting-edge knowledge to improve the productive processes. You will ultimately be responsible for innovation in the country,”he said.

For his part, Jose Miguel Rodríguez, pupil of the master of science in electronic engineering, directed a few words on behalf of all the graduates, noting that “share a strong base of expertise and tools that allow us to meet the challenges that us life, such as patience, tenacity, ability to work under pressure and analysis”.

He added that “whatever the path, I sincerely believe that cattle growing as people, during our postgraduate studies, we will be useful one way or another throughout our lives.” In addition, I am grateful to the University, with its scholarship programs and grants have allowed us to many this enriching journey. Programs which I hope will remain and continue to grow to carry many peers to live our experience”.