Lockton actuarial consultants participated in proposal by presidential candidates through AMAC

Marcela Flores and Ana Ma. Lock ton mountains were part of the team of specialists who prepared the proposal providing experience on the issues of ageing retirement and health. Mexico D.F-Lock ton Mexico one of the brokers of insurance and actuarial consultants largest in the world, collaborated and participated in the proposal to presidential candidate of the Republic, carried out by AMAC (Mexican Association of Consulting Actuaries, A.C.) and the IMEF (Mexican Institute of finance executives, b.c.), with the theme “Financing of la retirement Digna for Mexicans”.

Marcela Flores, CEO of Lock ton actuarial consultants and a member of both associations, together with some of his colleagues of the associations presented at press conference last Wednesday, April 25, the proposed presidential candidate of the Republic; which demand a new model of social security in the country which considers access to a universal pension for older adults who are Mexican by birth, with regard to public health should establish a universal insurance, both funded through the consumption tax.

Business and Investing

The theme of the retreat to the retirement is becoming more important so it is essential that there is saving for the additional retirement by companies through private plans and/or by persons, to avoid a serious social problem for lack of resources to the retreat to a significant population of older adults in a future already not so far.

This proposal is expected to work with each of the aspirants to the Presidency, it is essential that the next Administration resolve this issue, before the impending growth of the population at advanced ages.

Lock ton expert consulting services, for public and private sector offers advice to companies in the implementation of insurance, benefits, security and risk management services; through its area of plans and pensions seeks customers take consciousness create a supplementary pension scheme that can offer them their workers, work they do every day encouraging and promoting such programmes with companies. When it is necessary to adjust and/or upgrade programs are also specialists in labour liabilities valuation and design proposals, changes and modifications of existing programmers, as well as advice for the management of transitions.

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About Lock ton
With 51 offices and more than 3,800 professionals, Lock ton more than 15,000 clients around the world provides advice on insurance, benefits, guarantees and risk management, and actuarial services with an extraordinary level of service customer. Since its founding in 1966 in Kansas City, Missouri, United States, Lock ton has grown to become a private enterprise insurance broker in the world and the tenth largest in total of the sector’s largest.

About the IMEF
The Mexican Institute of finance executives A.C. is an institution with high recognition at national and international level and solid reputation and stands out as an opinion specialized nationwide financial organization is an organization, serious, dynamic and highly professional activity carried out over more than 49 years.
This is due to the invaluable contribution they constantly do its partners, by the high standards of ethics and quality that always have been respected, the openness towards progress, participation in its various activities, technical committees, Foundation of research and contributions to the society.

About AMAC
The Mexican Association of Actuaries consultants, BC’s mission: define, update, promote and monitor the implementation of the principles of professional practice that are relevant to the specialty of actuary advising customer according to your needs, not our own, only subordinating to the solid scientifically and legally permissible. Promote the performance of professional practice based on the ethical attitude, understanding this as a compromise loyal, honest and honest with customers, colleagues and society in general, always arguing with the truth and offering useful services at fair prices. Promote comprehensive excellence of its members through continuing professional education and quality control of the work relating to the specialty. Inculcate the spirit of unity among the members of the actuarial community, in order to exalt the specialty of actuary, preserve their social impact and awareness of the importance of its task.