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FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida/TusMedios / –, is the only insurer worldwide that offers free records to ensure that consumer protection service is available for more people. “The issue of life without claim – insurance money and if insurance companies doing enough to locate the beneficiaries – is an effervescent issue across the country, including a coverage recently by the Wall Street Journal,” said Michael Hartmann, Director Ejecutivo “We do more than just talk about it”. “We are providing a service to ensure the insurance money to go to where you have to go – and we have changed our business model to make it even easier for people to get the money they need and deserve.”

Now in the only charge is for search-$9.95 for each of them. The registration is free.

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“People around the world expressed their support towards our mission,” said Hartmann. “But many mentioned it would be better that we cobrásemos to those who actually do a search, and that is what we are doing.” “Now we are a free service of protection to consumers with life insurance.”

Recently featured in publications such as, MSNMoney and others around the country,, is the answer to the problem of benefit money not claimed – potentially hundreds of millions of dollars annually, according to some estimates.

“Instead the money returns to insurance companies – a pity,” said Hartmann. “We are the company that insurers do not want to know anything about it, but we are here fighting day by day the good fight.” “Now depends on all the insurance companies inform their agents that register to each of its clients, free of charge, in the database, and so this no longer would be no problem.”

Register at takes only a few minutes and from there the insured and the beneficiaries immediately get the information they need. The benefits of include:

For just $9.95 loved ones can search the database of

Included in the fee are available free information and links on the site of great value.

All you need are the last four digits of the personal identification that the Government gives to each person (the United States Social Security number).

Part of the proceeds goes to research for Cancer.

“Many people do not know the name of the insurer of their loved ones, much less your policy number,” Hartmann said. “This is a serious problem that is not recognized until it is too late.” “Our solution is simple, safe and is the best way to ensure that the life insurance money is directed towards where has to go.”