Good leadership leads to motivation

According to Carme Castro, coach and partner of Kainova, “assume the role of leader and be a good leader causes your computer creates and rely on him and, consequently, people willing to work, motivated, producing a cohesion of equipment that will allow you to face crisis situations with more possibilities of overcoming them”.

The current economic crisis not only discourages those who suffer its consequences and lose their jobs, also can be a burden for professionals who have a job and who observed its future employment with concern. The consequence of this within an organization or company can lead to desmotivadas people and a working environment of contagious widespread discouragement.

leads to motivation

To deal with this frustration and ensure that persons within the Organization regain their optimism and feel motivated, despite the reality of the environment, it is necessary that leaders are responsible for assuming his role as leader, and develop the skills necessary to generate enthusiasm and credibility on their computers.

According to Carme Castro, coach and partner of Kainova, company specialized in the management and development of people, “these leadership competencies can be developed through processes based on the methodology of coaching designed according to the current situation”.

To improve the Organization and its results, leaders should develop a range of skills and inspire others as example in the demonstration of these competencies, generating trust and professional respect in people that are interrelated. Competences such as emotional intelligence, communication and negotiation, creativity in the development of tasks, innovation taking the risk that that implies, teamwork, ability of active listening, humility to be open to the ideas of others, among others, but also skills to enhance the talents of the members of the team, empowerment.

The result is an improvement in the knowledge not only of own abilities, but also the rest of people who are part of the organization. “This contributes to the common goal, the achievement of the desired results can be achieved with greater assurances.”