Gas Summit 2013 debate development of unconventional gas in Latin America

With experts from various countries, the traditional meeting of the Latin American network of gas will discuss in Rio de Janeiro hydrocarbon production in non-conventional deposits discuss the challenges of unconventional gas and the prospects for increasing supply of gas in Latin America, guaranteeing the supply and regional energy integration is what is proposed to the audience of the Gas Summit Latin America 2013. In its tenth edition, the traditional meeting of the Latin American network of gas will take place in Rio de Janeiro, between 13 and 15 may, with the participation of representatives of Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico, Ecuador and the United States.

Gas Summit 2013 debate development

The development of non-conventional gas in the region will be discussed on the first day of the Gas Summit 2013, with discussions about the context and the viability of the non-conventional Gas in Latin America. Vice President of Executive planning of Pemex E & P, Gustavo Hernandez-Garcia, Vice President of exploration for Sinopec, Luis Pedro Stinco, and former Minister of hydrocarbons and energy of Bolivia, Álvaro Rios Roca, among others participate.

“The aim of our talk is debating as we do to accelerate learning and reduce the uncertainty to develop unconventional gas in our region, looking at the lessons learned from the experience of North America” says Álvaro Rios Roca, currently managing partner of Drilling Info.

Other prominent industry experts are Professor Ashley C. Brown, of Harvard University, who will speak about the possibilities and challenges in structure, regulation and operation in gas markets Latin America, and Luis Bertenasco, project leader of Enarsa PDV, with his talk about the production of hydrocarbons in Argentina, the prospects for export of natural gas and LNG import.

The tenth edition of Gas Summit Latin America is done by IBC initiative under the auspices of Gasmig, Halliburton, Compagas and easy Espaider.