Keys to the Success of Teamwork

Companies usually focus almost all their energy on maintaining the possibilities of continuous improvement. Maintaining the quality of their products or services, customer satisfaction and production process flow to a satisfactory level. Few organizations are fully satisfied with the results. That produces their efforts to improve the work team. According to Star of Service, company consultants there are seven details to take into account to create effective and focused work teams. That meets the expectations for which they created in a timely manner.

Keys to the Success of Teamwork

As a leader, you must clearly communicate your expectations about the performance of the team and the expected results. The members understand why the team created in the first place. In addition, you must demonstrate constancy of purpose by supporting the team with resources in the form of people, time and money.


It is important that members understand why they are participating in the team. Their work fits into the overall context of the organization’s objectives, principles, vision and values. Understand how the strategy of using work teams will help the company to achieve your business objectives.


Do team members want to participate in it? Do you feel that the mission of the team is important? Are they committed to the fulfillment of the stipulated mission and the expected results? If employees perceive that their service is valuable for the organization and for their own careers, they will anticipate the recognition of their contributions and develop their skills to the best of their potential.


The members of a group have to feel that they and their colleagues have the knowledge, the ability. The ability to deal with the problems for which the team was formed. Otherwise, at least, have access to help, resources, strategies and support that needed to fulfill its mission.


Team members must be clear about their limits how far they allowed going in search of solutions. Limitations (ie, monetary and time resources) have to define.


Does the team understand the group and group process and the stages of group development? For a successful outcome, all members must work together interpersonally, recognizing the roles and responsibilities of others. The resolution of problems is the improvement of processes. The setting of objectives and the measurement of results have to evaluate jointly and cooperatively.


It is important to establish a method for members to give their opinion and receive feedback on their performance. The internal communication must be clear and honest. In which the different members feel free to contribute diverse opinions knowing that they will take seriously. To encourage this, it is important that the company value creative thinking and new ideas.