Keys to detect the disheartened employee

Some are not easy to discover. They go unnoticed. However, their motivation and productivity falls sharply, how to detect it and stop it? Sometimes, mingle in the crowd. It seems that they are the same before, but not. Something has changed in them. They are unmotivated employees. Those who do not have been valued, nor recognized enough. Continue with its work, obviously, but it is no longer the same. This type of workers that the motivation falls at times, can cause a major problem in the long run, starting because, when better times come, they will be leaving the company and it will lose their best employees.

Outcrops, consultant specialized in offering Coaching, development and career transition services, highlights what the five keys to “discover” the disheartened employee. Says everything Yes, not posed questions or concerns to comply with orders without proposing new ways of performing tasks, without highlighting new ways that would make the work more efficiently. Is it does, therefore. Works, Yes, but without the direct involvement did it before a “excellent” worker. Now, it is simply a good worker.

Keys to detect

It does not motivate to new projects, it takes them out without more disheartened employee makes a change in the language. Just, i.e., because “you” to do it, not because “you want” do it. It is what would be the difference between obedience and commitment. Their productivity down slightly, almost without notice they move but does not move. They seem to have forgotten long ago, were the engine of the Department or the company.

They feel that their behavior is consistent with his thoughts, therefore continue acting in the same way, i.e. still but not giving full of themselves. Create a negative atmosphere to its around criticize, they pose problems, but never solutions. The worker in situation of loss of motivation, will only generate disadvantages, obstacles, etc, but won’t have enough initiative to raise remedies that lead to the resolution of the situation. Always present, but emotionally absent absenteeism is not a problem with this type of employees. Never missing. However, if that “lack” their commitment to the company. They are, but without being emotionally.

It is what has become known as emotional absenteeism. At the head of the project is a team of professionals led by angels of the flower, with more than 16 years of experience holding positions of responsibility in firms of top-level consulting and customer. It’s one of the figures with greater relevance in management of professional careers. Emerges it is headquartered Madrid and gives coverage in the Iberian Peninsula, Europe and rest of the world.