Keys to Making Your Business Model Profitable

Welcome to a new article in my series! My name is Gabriela Turiano and I specialize in Marketing & Business Professionals. This is my question today for you: Do you want a profitable business model? We show you 3 keys that will be essential to achieve this.


Many times, we believe that the reason why a business does not work or is not profitable is that the idea is not good or does not respond to a specific need in the market. These, of course are crucial factors in building a business but they are not the only ones. If you already have these points covered what is it that can make your business not work?

One of the most forgotten and neglected factors is usually the business model. What is a business model? In simple words, it is a macro business strategy design. It is answers the business questions that begin with how. It’s not just about what service you’re going to offer what customers you’re going to have what market needs you’re going to solve.

How you are going to achieve all of these things. This is the biggest question. Because it can make the difference between a fantastic idea wasted on a business that did not work or a good idea generated in a fabulous business model that made it profitable. There are several important points to design a correct. Attractive business model that is also profitable, but this time I will focus on you know these.

Usually when I talk to entrepreneurs who have their business running and it is not working, one of the questions that bothers them most is why cannot I sell my services if I have super competitive rates? My answer to these kinds of concerns is “if the best thing you can say about your service is something related to your rates, you’re competing for prices. Because if you compete for prices you are a number as crude and direct as I tell you And if you are a number, there is always someone who can have a number 5% lower and you will win.