Do you really think or just react? Resolve a dilemma for HR management?

Speaking of human resources and administration has become commonplace. How all or nearly all are agreed about its importance and necessity in the business, we may think or cry well we are doing is the best!, Our place in the company is clear, therefore, necessary! This over-confidence can be detrimental. But because we say this, we will discuss some situations that led us to believe this. But first let’s start by saying that one of the main features of professional human resource s should be your ability to reason.

Talking about human resource managers must be synonymous with that privilege men and women to think before reacting. Certainly our opinion as OD consultants is normally backwards. Human resources in many of our companies is a branch of “Fire Department (there is some praised it, every child wanted to be firemen). If there is a problem or emergency catch in our businesses is heard, or HR staff call! This makes us confident, because it makes us feel that we are needed. But this would have occurred (other than a fortuitous accident), if we had our first task of thinking? The answer to this question is the theme of this comment.

Business Discussion

Certainty in business management is advisable for the proper management of it. But the changing situations of political, economic and social development in our countries, makes the business environment changes again and again. So the only certainty is fulfilled in the long run is that the management will have to manage more uncertainty than certainty. So recipes for today’s problems do not work as effectively tomorrow. But specialists in human resources, who include us, we tend to be somewhat “more than enough” in this regard.

Businesses change, companies are pursuing strategies to compete, but HR seems a bit inflexible. Personnel policies are necessary as the rules and laws, with the added value that make us feel safer. For all personnel problems in the company we have a regulation or action of staff we help. Of course this is desirable; we are not advocating not having laws and policies.

What we are saying is that the real problems and even fewer opportunities for the company to which we belong, and are not resolved based only on rules and regulations. Go further and then we have to think. philosophers from ancient times things were discovered, the human being has an animal reasoning. But this quality does not exercise with full capacity being provided. We like to think. We prefer to custom, the comfort of acting according to established habits and patterns of expected behavior.

It seems that HR function to be more similar to man (this is good in most cases), also suffers from the same defect or weakness. It is characterized by being more thoughtful department of the company. We said, we prefer to be firemen and enjoy the sympathy that they often generate. But thinking involves planning, forecasting and predicting the future. Moreover involves actions of today trying to influence the desired future. This implies courage, decision and risk. Leaving the “comfort zone”. This sounds interesting, but frightens us. But then how should we act? We really plan the human resources we need, we design our organizational structures to be vehicles that contribute to core business strategies, not their ballast as sometimes happens. The development of competencies should be resolved to fill the gap in your current situation to the desired in accordance with the plans and objectives. The high turnover and loss of key elements must be the exception not the rule. Key positions and replacements must be considered and we already know where to locate them. Personnel problems in their performance indicators, good organizational climate, motivation, participation and loyalty must be considered and always changing their way of serving them. Do not fall into the routine. The company in an organization alive and HR must become your circulatory system and one of its windows inside and out. HR must therefore think and daring to think big. This involves seeking additional aid to support it in its important role. The company’s human resources are in and out of it. Therefore the solutions and the opportunities. Capturing the best human resource in the labor market remains one of their main responsibilities and know how to get one of their main challenges.