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GTI has closed the first half of its fiscal year with growth of 6%. An increase responding to the work done during this period to consolidate and establish new markets, as well as incorporating various solutions to its complete portfolio GTI, wholesaler specialized in the IT market, just closed the first half of the year fiscal growth in turnover of 6%.

Few results that support the work done over the past year, that has been oriented in two directions: the opening of the business to new market niches that enable greater profitability and channel development of your business, such as Cloud and Mobility technologies and the signing of new agreements with leading manufacturers. “When mark lines business development always have an eye on the dealers and provide them with services and resources to help them grow day by day in your business, and have more and better opportunities for development.

 your business continuity

At the end of the day, dealers are our partners, and we want to see us as a business partner because they grow so makes us do “says Ignacio Sestafe, CEO of GTI. Regarding GTI Cloud for channel has established a solid business model based on cloud solutions for more than two years, positioning itself as an expert in the field regarding the channel. In this regard, during the last year GTI has increased its sales by 46% and customers who trust their solutions by 25%. Moreover, the commitment to its partners has led to GTI put in place the necessary infrastructure to provide information, training and expert advice to provide to distributors and implementers the necessary knowledge, both technical and commercial, to promote the adoption of these technologies by companies.

A structure supported by a sales team specializing in the sale of software licenses and a technical expert who know perfectly the advantages of each solution for distributors. Opening the mobility market Besides its commitment Cloud solutions, GTI has conducted significant development in your area of mobility, which fit different ranges of tablets, ebooks and accessories from leading manufacturers among them Samsung and BQ. This has opened up new avenues of business for its partners and is providing exciting opportunities for channel companies with which it works, both in Spain and Portugal. New Arrangements In parallel GTI has continued to increase its portfolio of solutions with the signing of alliances with leading manufacturers that add value to the channel companies. Among them is the integration of systems from Riello UPS Uninterruptible power and storage products and Intense mobility within the volume. Moreover, GTI has incorporated new solutions to its catalog value among which brands like Watchful, with advanced security tools, and Retrospect, which has extensive experience in the development of data recovery solutions.

Also within the new value solutions has improved software licensing service with the addition of software licenses CommVault security. The results that have been obtained in the last semester are also supported with the recognition of various manufacturers as Red Hat, IBM, Kaspersky his work and relationship with the IT channel, “This encourages us to continue to invest to add value to our business partners and continue investing in solutions to the future of your business continuity” concludes Ignacio Sestafe.