The Internet fax allows a hotel to save up to 1,700 euros a year

According to, a hotel may reduce their spending on fax service up to 78% if fax service by email. The fax is regarded as an indispensable tool for small and medium-sized enterprises, and in the hospitality industry is one of most present, in some cases communication solutions much or more than email. A hotel shipped through this service hundreds of communications a year, between reservations, orders, invoices, etc., and many of them, between the different countries.

According to data from the portal of online sales of solutions in telecommunications, replace the traditional fax online fax service machine can allow a hotel save up to 78%, or what is the same, between 500 and 1,700 euros, depending on the size of the business. This is the expense that represents the paper, ink, electricity consumption and maintenance of telephone line. On the other hand, the Internet fax also allows the reduction of spam and invasive advertising, more than 84% of faxes that are received and printed are advertising, especially for large senders and fax recipients such as hotels, a gesture to the nature that has.

One of the main reasons why companies in the hotel sector continue to use the fax in a moment in which the email has become the primary means of communication, is the security and the legal value given the jurisprudence to this document to others.

This is why that aims to meet the needs that have this resource these firms, but adapted to the new times. For this he has developed a solution that allows sending and receiving communications via fax over Internet in unlimited way to more than 70 countries, ensuring the hotels at all times access to communications with other international markets without an increase in cost, something very important for this sector.

Internet fax allows

Fax Axiatel online provides a fax number that are sent and received faxes, with the difference that this service can be managed directly from your computer or smartphone, and without having to print them. Faxes are sent and received in PDF format from the Internet or from any email platform (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail…). provides this service from €3.5 per month, and allows you to keep the number of fax, managing portability for free. The implementation is free, discharge from the service is automatic and is set to 10 minutes, with no maintenance cost. The solution allows fax sending unlimited to over 70 countries, and to ensure the quality of services, offers 30-day free trial.