Internationalized business and improves your turnover

companies are finding their main lifeline in exports., the first comparison and parcel and courier services online recruitment portal, continues its plan of international expansion with shipments in more than 250 countries around the world. Companies that export more are getting in these times of uncertainty, improve and increase your turnover. Internationalizing business is one of the main routes that choose companies to escape the crisis.

Internet has also served trampoline so that many SMEs and freelancers can sell outside Spain and the result is a foreign growth of these companies generating online commerce.Internationalized business

In fact, according to a study by, the first comparison and parcel and courier services online recruitment portal, e-commerce has grown in Spain 20% and reached 12,000 million billing in 2012.

Says Javier Bravo Co-founder of online sales makes one have clients anywhere in the world. “Internet has become a major sales channel and in our sector is helping to boost shipments to Europe of packages and as a result, parcel and courier services hired in the network have great advantages and are within the reach of everyone.” –

Through the portal, which offers individuals and companies the possibility to compare and contract the services through a process easy, cost-effective and very economical, saving up to 70% on international shipments, you can compare prices of transport companies of first level in Spain as UPS, SEUR, mails, GLS, FedEx, Ochoa, TourlineExpress, Nacex, Envialia, Chronoexpres or MRW. In three simple steps the shipment data are entered and formalises the payment. The services offered include shipments in Spain, Europe and more than 250 countries worldwide.

It can be engaged at any time of the day, from a PC, Tablet or mobile phone with Internet access. Its appearance resembles comparators flights, hotels or entries in entertainment websites.

About PackLink:
PackLink. is the first website in Spain that offers the user the possibility to compare and make shipments of parcel and courier to anywhere in the world, through an integration with major carriers and a care team dedicated customer. PackLink offers services in real time, via a computer integration with parcel courier companies that collaborate with the company.