Insurance: Which are important?

Many Germans are over-insured. But without insurance, it will not work either. But what assurance do you need? lists the insurance companies on their importance.

To compare the different offers available on our computers, the insurer available. The individual lines of insurance we’ve ever awarded in order of importance star (five stars = Very important, a star = not important).

Insurance Policy

First Health insurance:

The vast majority of Germans do not need to worry about health insurance: they are legally insured in an insurance company. Self-employed persons must take out private insurance. This is the beginning of 2009 also required for self-employed and freelancers. Banktip says: Well done! Without health insurance, it does not work.

Second Private Haftfplichtversicherung

Personal liability pays for damage you inflict other people. Even with little carelessness can lead to formation damage that a single person can not afford to pay more over the course of his life. Banktip advises: Liability insurance is not expensive. Necessarily complete, and watch out for monetary damages of at least 10 million euros!

Third Disability Insurance

The disability insurance comes into play when the insured by accident or disease can no longer perform his job. Banktip advises: complete, otherwise it will remain in serious cases only the small disability pension. Conclude as early as possible, because recording takes a health check. The younger the person, the lower the number of its pre-existing conditions.

4th Accident insurance

The accident insurance pays for damage caused by an accident. It is especially important in long-term consequences of accidents. While the disability insurance pays only when the profession can no longer carry that accident insurance pays for disability even if the insured is not by accident is completely unable to work. Banktip advises: The accident insurance is not one of the most important insurance companies. It costs but little and closes a gap between health insurance and disability insurance.

5th Household insurance

Household insurance insured damage to everything in the house, the cellar or garden shed or standing. How important is a household insurance depends on the value of personal possessions. It protects the movable property of a man from water, fire and theft. Banktip advises: Household insurance is for anyone who can afford it, absolutely recommended.

6th Legal expenses insurance

In litigation pays the legal expenses of the attorney and court costs. No one is safe from lawsuits, and therefore there is a legal protection insurance is a comforting feeling. Hartz IV recipients or low income do not need legal protection insurance. If they are sued, they can apply for legal aid. A frequently completed special form of legal protection insurance is traffic law enforcement. Banktip advises: people who are professionally dependent on the car should think about a road legal expenses insurance. For the rest of us is true: It feels good to know that you have a legal protection insurance. But it goes without it.

7th Health insurance

For eyeglasses, dentures or need for hospital stays insured by the statutory health insurance companies pay partially high deductibles. Certain medical treatments or screening did not take the cash. For glasses or at a specific medical health insurance makes sense. Banktip advises: The health risks are on the whole well covered by health insurance. Everyone must check for themselves what is needed. If in doubt speak to the doctor.

9th Life insurance

For sole earners who have to feed a family or other dependents, may be worth a life insurance policy. Allen advises others banktip: Does not need one.

10th Glass Insurance

Broken glass is not usually included in the household insurance. Generally, this insurance does not pay. Owner of a stove with ceramic hob can reflect on such insurance. However, ceramic hobs should then be explicitly mentioned in the insurance contract. You might want a glass insurance for tenants of apartments with large windows. Banktip advises: In the latter case the landlord to ask if the glass surfaces are already contained in the homeowner’s insurance.