Installment loan: A loan rates brings fast cash

Credit checks :

without collateral, most banks refuse to lend. This is required by the money brokers, the so-called self-disclosure, where you have to put his other financial liabilities are disclosed. Moreover, the credit institutions require in most cases a Schufa information that documents the current credit behavior of a person and thus checks the credit worthiness of individuals. In this examination process may irregular repayments of loans or bills adversely affect the assessment of creditworthiness. This statistical value (score value), which moves 1-1000 calculates the probability of default by the borrower and arranges for a nine-risk groups.


The classification into one of the categories is based on the age, location, frequency of relocation or change accounts. The credit rating is higher, the higher the class, the borrower will be assigned.

To make a decision on a loan to advance peace in mind, it is possible for any potential borrower to obtain Schufa information itself. Inform You can either charge by phone or you receive a written summary of the Schufa acts for a fee of 7.60 € (incl. VAT.). Can a credit report when you apply for Schufa on the Internet. Make the duration of the loan term is defined individually by each bank and depends on the respective financial status. A frame of twelve months to 72 are set. Basically, the term of the loan agreement but do not exceed the useful life of the purchased item.

Although a long term guarantees have low rates, while a higher interest rate must be coped with. The payment of high rates is favorable for this reason. Other factors relate to creditworthiness , so the financial scope of the applicant and the Kreditverwendungsart. Favourable conditions for earmarked loans A key for the granting of credit is the object-oriented purpose dar. With the purchase of consumer goods, you should always remember that the term not to is set high, because the counter value of the item decreases within a short time. A classic example of dedicated investment installment loans are car loans . Very often offer loans to automobile dealers through its own banks. This is mostly required a deposit. The loan is usually still necessary to offer a relatively low interest rates. In order to avoid financial losses, the client should calculate carefully and ask yourself the following questions:

¤ How much is the discount on the purchase property in cash?
¤ How much is the deposit?
¤ What amount will be funded?
¤ Fallen processing fees?
¤ What personal guarantees must be provided? If you do not opt for the special financing offered by car dealerships, you can just go to a conventional bank regarding a loan. This undercuts the car with its low interest rates, banks are not in the rule. It is possible to buy his car without a down payment. Keep as long as the safety car radio the banks, until the loan was paid off completely. In this context, is the standard rate that you should estimate the duration of the loan for the maximum time in which you want to race the car.