Innovative Ideas

Although the clothing business arrangement is perfectly defined and delimited, you can create your own version expanding your offer products and services not directly related, such as:

-Preparation of custom clothing.
-Sale of industrial uniforms, college, sports, …
-Customizing clothes with embroidery, printing, …
-Sale of haberdashery.
-Laundry and ironing.
-Arrangement of Shoes

 Innovative Ideas

Keys to Success

Settlement of clothes 05These are the details that you have to ask yourself pampered especially.

Training and Experience : Some settlement services are easy to learn, but others require a lot more skill. Seriously consider an apprenticeship. And if you’re not completely sure of your training, do not include in your offer.

Business location : Search for the most central location you can, and always close to areas of high commercial.
Additional services : It is a way to differentiate from competitors, so it is recommended to pick up and delivery services.

Customer Advisory : Win the trust of your customers good customer advising on possible solutions for adaptation and arrangement of garments. Even if that sometimes means more economic recommend services or even renounce fix the garment. Looking for fidelity, not immediate opportunity.

All businesses require specific knowledge. Franchises provide this knowledge from the beginning, without having to discover everything yourself based on mistakes. Being under the umbrella of a franchise also usually provide help in the promotion.

In return for all these benefits have to pay a franchise fee to the franchisor and / or a monthly fee.

In Spain there are several franchises in this sector, some of which have achieved dramatic growth in recent years, including international expansion. You can find a very comprehensive list on the web , entitled “Dry Cleaners – Laundries – Arrangements”

Before you opt for the franchise must be asked if you really need what you bring. And above all, we must take into account that the most difficult part of this business is “know how to sew” and pay the rent, something one has to provide for itself anyway …

Activity Classification

Although the term “Settlement of apparel” seems to have been imposed, this activity is also known by the name of repairs or sewing. But from a legal standpoint, this business has the following headings:

IAE: 971.3 darning and repair clothes . IAE is a direct tribute called Business Tax. Is paid annually and the amount depends on the type of activity.
NACE: 5274 Other Repairs . The NCEA is the National Economic Activities Code. Used in Social Security to classify all economic activities for statistical purposes.
Both encodings are kept without a special reason for it. IAE is more important, which is what makes us a tax, the NCEA is more to statistical issues.

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